About me

I am a mountain unicyclist and trials unicyclist from masachussets i ride with 2 poeple from my school ben plotkin-swing
and dan lucal we all went to unicon 11 in seattle this summer and me and ben went to the callifornia muni week end.
i have been mountain unicycling for about 2 years. i am 16 years old and atend the sudbury valley school.yeah i know what your thinking "pretty lame profile Joey and theres lots of mis-spelled words'" well you know what, if you want quality then go to bens site, if you want quantity then go to dans site, but if you want typos and things that dont even resemble words, you stay right here becues theres one thing i dont do on my site that everyone else does do, that thing is spell check, and thats one thing my site has that ben and dans dont, typo's so i say who cares about content or funny jokes when you can have typos.


ok in light of some recent controversy i would like to clarify something.
some people thought after reading this that my site has typos and dans doesn well let me clear that up,
what meant was that dans has other things to offer as well as typos where as mine has nothing but the typos, glad i could clear that up.